Lupin or Lupini and Hummus Beans

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Egyptians are known to love to snack. They love taking walks by the corniche, whether it’s the Nile or the Mediterranean or the Red Sea. These walks are always accompanied by numerous snacks, Lupini is certainly an amazing one of them. It is sold on carts in paper cones together with slices of lemon or lime, salt , cumin and chili flakes. It’s a very tasty and healthy snack that is easily prepared at home as well. Muslims prepare it for Eid after the holy month of Ramadan to serve for guests during this festive period together with other sweets and different kinds of baked cookies and Kahk. I love to serve it for my kids as a healthy snack when they want something to nibble on!


500 g. lupini dry beans

100 g. hummus (dry uncooked)

water to cook them




Lemon wedges

Ground Cumin

Chilli flakes


-Soak the Lupini beans preferably overnight to allow the beans to swelling take shape.

-Soak the hummus beans for only 2 hours before cooking.

-Drain the lupini beans and place them in a pot and cover them with water and boil them on medium heat until they are tender. This may take about an hour or more, this depend on the quality of the beans.

-Add the hummus when the lupini is half way cooked because they take a shorter time to cook.

-When they are done, drain the water and place them in a container and cover them with water and add salt and let them brine in the fridge until the next day.

-The next day they will be ready to eat with the seasoning of your choice.

*Special Notes: There are some bitter lupini varieties that require soaking for 3 days and changing the water frequently to get rid of the bitter taste. If you are using these, follow the same steps but boil the hummus separately and add on the step where you will brine the lupini.


الترمس مع الحمص:

بتعملو الترمس لوحده و لا معاه حمص؟ و بتحبوا عليه ليمون بس و لا شطه كمان😋😋


٥٠٠ جم ترمس حلو

١٠٠ جم. حمص

ماء لسلقهم





كمون مطحون



-ينقع الترمس قبل بليله حتى تنتفخ الحبات.

-تغسل الحبات جيداً.

-ينقع الحمص قبل السلق بساعتين فقط.

-يُصفى الترمس و يوضع في طنجره و يُغطى بالماء و يوضع على نار متوسطه ليُسلق حتى يطرى. يوضع الحمص قبل تمام استواء الترمس لانه لا يحتاج الى وقت طويل.

-عند انتهاء السلق، يُصفى من ماء السلق و يوضع في ماء و يُملح و يوضع في الثلاجه.

-اذا كنا نستخدم الترمس المر فيجب نقعه بعد سلقه لمدة ٣ ايام مع التغيير المستمر للماء حتى نتخلص من المراره. و يسلق الحمص منفصلا و يوضع مع الترمس في ثالث يوم في ماء التمليح.

-يُحفظ في الثلاجه و يقدم مع المطيبات مثل الليمون و الكمون و الشطه.


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