Kumaj or Bakakeen (Egyptian Farmers Pita Bread)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Bakakeen or Kumaj (Egyptian Framers Pita Bread)

Egyptian households in the villages are always self sufficient especially when it comes to milk and milk products. Each household usually has their own buffalo or cow for milk production as well as other milk products as butter, ghee, cream and cheese.

Egyptian Buffalo has been well known since the Middle Ages to roam the banks of the nile river and produce tasty milk.

This bread is made with ghee, fresh cream and buttermilk and the results are rich, dense and super soft pitas. They are amazing on their own or with honey or some old cured Egyptian cheese.


500 g. All purpose flour

80 g. Ghee

50 g. Cream (room temperature )

3/4 c. Buttermilk (room temperature ) you can add a mix of yogurt and buttermilk

1 tbs. yeast

1 tbs. sugar

A pinch salt

Water if needed


-In the bowl of your stand mixer add the flour and the ghee and the cream and mix them to coat all the flour particles with the ghee.

-Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix.

-Add the buttermilk and the water and knead for 5 minutes until you get a soft somewhat sticky dough.

-Cover the dough and leave it to rise until doubled.

-Cut the dough into balls in the size of tennis balls.

-Roll each ball in to a circle or an oval shape ( 3-5 mm thick) and place them on a kitchen towel and cover them.

-Let them rise 10-15minutes.

-Heat the oven to the highest temperature and heat a baking stone, put the griddle on as well.

-Place the rolled loaves on the heated stone in the oven until it inflates and turns golden from the bottom. Use the griddle to brown the surface.

البكاكين الفلاحي او الكماج


٥٠٠ جم. دقيق

٨٠ جم. سمنه

٥٠ جم. قشطه

٣/٤ كوب حليب رائب او خليط من الرائب و الزبادي

١ م ك خميره

١ م سكر

رشة ملح

ماء حسب الاحتياج


-اولاً نضع الدقيق و السمن في اناء العجانه و نخلطهم حتى تتغلف كل حبات الدقيق بالسمن ثم نضع القشطه و نعجن مره اخرى.

-نضع الخميره و السكر و الرائب و الملح و نعجن و اذا احتجنا الى الماء، نعجن حتى نحصل على عجينه لينه لا تلتصق باليد.

-نتركها حتى ترتاح و تتضاعف في الحجم.

-نبدأ بتقطيعها الى كرات بحجم كرات التنس.

-نفردها الى داوائر او الى شكل بيضاوي، الى سمك ٢ سم و نتركها ترتاح مغطاه بفوطه حتى لا تجف لمدة ١٠- ١٥ دقيقه.

-نسخن الفرن على اعلى درجه من تحت و فوق ثم نضع صاج خبز و نبدأ في وضع الخبز حتى ينتفخ و يحمر.

-اذا كان الفرن لا يشتعل من فوق و من تحت سوياً نسخن من تحت اولا ثم نطفاه و نشغل من فوق و نضع الخبز حتى ينتفخ.

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