Authentic Egyptian, Mediterranean, middle eastern recipes and more!! 

Hi, I am Nancy, a dentist who has a passion for cooking and photography. 


I’ve always loved cooking and baking since I was six years old. It all started with an Elmo reading book teaching us about numbers in the form of a recipe, and voila! My first ever cookies! Thank you, Elmo! 


Since then, cooking for the people I love and sharing my dishes with neighbors and friends became my passion. There’s a sort of warmth in gathering around a table of home-cooked food and sharing a conversation. 


I grew up as an ex-pat, and whenever we went back to Egypt for our holidays, we would find my grandmother (may the Lord bless her soul) saving us jars of jams, pickled vegetables, home-baked goodies, and bread. I have the fondest memories of her telling me about these things and how she made them, introducing me to foods that weren’t available where we used to live.


When I became a mother myself, I saw what my grandmother and my mother must have put in their food! This blog is an appreciation to all grandmothers and mothers from which we all have learned a lot, to preserve their heritage and the heritage of our beautiful cuisine to our children and the coming generations. To make it easy for anyone searching for specific Egyptian authentic and traditional recipes, I found that the internet lacked in Arabic or English. I hope that this humble effort will contribute and help those searching for such content.


I believe food and traditions are an integral part of our identity, and they are an essential part of who we are and the memories we create. When I became a mother, my kids started asking questions about our heritage and traditions. There grew a curiosity in me to research and tell them stories of why we have a particular dish or tradition. 

It was fascinating to see how ingredients traveled continents and oceans and the fusions of the flavors, the takes of each area on the same dish, and how people interpreted the ingredients around them. 

Medieval Cairo, in particular, captivated me with its rich Caliphate kitchens and the busy Cairene street markets. 

You will find some cool historical facts as well here on the blog. 


In my household, Egyptian food is a  staple, together with Arabic, Mediterranean, and middle eastern. We love to try new cuisines on our travels as well; you will find recipes for our favorite dishes from all over the world on the way soon! 


I hope you like my mix of old and new Egyptian recipes and my twists on them and the history behind some of them,  as well as our favorite recipes that we cook at home that aren’t essentially Egyptian but we really do enjoy. Welcome to my kitchen!! 


Keep in touch!

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